Traditional training models are being disrupted and that’s not all bad.

Over the years we’ve had some great results with programmes of work that combine:

  • Sharing of key performance concepts in an intense period with
  • One to one coaching to help implement the learning in a very individualised way

This way of collaborating has great benefits but is limited in terms of time, number of participants and the investment required.

Despite the successes, we’ve recognised the limitations of the approach. We’ve also recognised that with our current conditions everyone needs some alternative approaches to their development work, so we’ve repackaged the concepts and ideas into a new way of delivering high value.

We’ve taken our heritage from the world of sport to think more about the typical training approach used by coaches and athletes – they have a regular focus on daily and weekly development rather than doing ‘binge training’ of trying to cram lots of knowledge gain into a couple of days. Between the coach and the athlete there is a regular focus on very specific performance gains that are introduced, practised and embedded into the existing recipe. Finally, there’s regular monitoring of the impact of training (usually at the end of every day), so that things can be constantly refined to maximise impact of the time being invested.

With these things in mind, we’re inviting you to approach your development differently and we’ve developed 2 new programmes to help you do just that.

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