In 2003 we ran the first ever athlete@work programme and now you can access all of the power of this programme in a dynamic and game changing virtual version.

Delivered worldwide, from CEO’s to new starters, we’ve been helping people change their performance at work.

This programme is built upon the fundamentals of excellence that have delivered Olympic success and it’s been consistently refined to be fully relevant in the even more competitive world of business

This unique, 12 week programme is fully online and supported by the power of The Performance Room.

There are weekly live learning sessions along with personal learning challenges to take on. Regular live Q&A’s and an online community to get support from.

All helping you become an expert in your own performance and motivation and giving you the ingredients to fulfil your potential rather than just have it.


As a result of working with PlanetK2 on the athlete at work® and Elite Team programmes, I had completely changed my view of my role as a leader.

PlanetK2 coaches are superb at translating their knowledge of elite performance in the sporting and business worlds to fit our needs. They are simple, clear and appropriately challenging in their approach.

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The 12 building blocks

  • Outlining the programme and tuning into Performance in your organisation
  • The power of conditions – understanding your field of play and establishing your attitude towards it
  • Performance Readiness – 6 essential ingredients to know and take care of
  • Using Performance Readiness to take control of your world
  • The Performance Readiness view on Technical and Tactical Ingredients
  • Physical Readiness – taking care of your energy
  • Mental and Emotional Readiness – Supporting yourself and being supported by others
  • Contextually Ready – making the most of your working environment
  • Understanding the power of Motivation – and taking on the Control Challenge
  • The Confidence Challenge
  • The Connectedness Challenge
  • Four questions to keep asking to link everything together

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The action

  • Researching how performance works for you
  • Building a clear picture of your work conditions
  • Doing an audit of your Performance Readiness
  • Road testing simple Performance Readiness habits
  • Staying relevant in these 2 key areas
  • Determining your ideal energy plan
  • Understanding your needs in these two areas
  • Choosing your attitude towards your environment
  • A week of control recalibration
  • Confidence building habits in action
  • Being the strong link in the chain activity
  • Using the questions to drive actions

The Format

  • Delivered at fixed points over 12 weeks with homework, reflection and application in between.
  • Sessions are online and delivered as a 60 minute webex.

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