High performance consultancy with Planetk2 – Are you ready?

Science, research and decades of performance coaching experience, in global elite sport and business, sit at the foundation of our programmes.

Our high performance consultancy work can be applied to the unique challenges you face, from managing performance training to building a high performance team through to keynote speaking. We provide coaching and mentoring services from a team of human performance experts to enable you to move from theory into action. Are you ready to transform your performance?



This new and unique 10 week long programme, will re-programme your thinking. There are weekly challenges, self analysis and development, expert virtual coaching and a global community of supporters changing the way they play along with you.
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Delivered worldwide, from CEO’s to new starters, we’ve been helping people change their performance at work. This 12 week programme is built upon the fundamentals of excellence that have delivered Olympic success.
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The Elite Team programme is designed to help with building a high performance team and exploiting team members’ potential.
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For individuals, leaders, teams and the leaders of tomorrow – improve skills and maximise chances of success, whatever the arena.
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Designed to help individuals and leaders understand their current performance conditions. Get actionable insights for confidence and performance intelligence to move you from where you are, to where you’d like to be.
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Masterclasses, workouts and sprints – all designed with you. Introductions through to in-depth sessions on high performance principles, with tools and techniques people can start to use immediately.
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Sports psychology expertise for athletes, coaches, parents, students and teachers, made available to everyone 24/7. Infographics, articles, podcasts, video interviews and cool stuff to buy; books, infographics…
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Our human performance expertise made available to everyone 24/7. Simple, powerful tools and training plans that will grow your mindset and performance as a leader, manager, team or individual.
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We are experts in human performance and can bring our knowledge in elite sports and across business to inspire your audience
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Impact Guaranteed

We’re passionate about helping people perform better, coaching and mentoring you, whatever
the arena.

We know that each challenge you face is unique to you.

We’ll stand shoulder to shoulder with you. Through our collaboration we’ll design and deliver high performance programmes that will help you achieve your leadership, business and performance goals, right through to building a high performance team. All whilst staying true to your vision and values.

Our Impact Guarantee means that we’ll work with you to get to a clearly defined picture of success and agree what we’ll each need to do to deliver that impact.Then, we’ll keep working until that’s been delivered, however long it takes and at no extra cost.

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Serious about performance

We’re serious about high performance working, so we’re not for everyone.

  • We are right for those ready to work hard on performance, knowing it might not deliver instant gratification.
  • We are right for those who have no threshold of expectation for themselves, their colleagues or their organisation.
  • We are right for those who think about tomorrow and want to say “I will. Be ready.”

If you’re serious about human performance or want to be, then you’re in the right place.

We’d love to hear from you.

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Let's get serious

Transform performance in your people, business and brands.

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