The Challenge

Over the last 4 years, we’ve been working with McLaren across the entire organisation helping them to succeed with the demands of a fast growing business, with incredibly high standards of expectation of both its people and products.

Working with Executive Directors, Directors, High potential heads of department and Technical leaders (Chief engineers, Chief designer, Technical specialists in product development), we’re helping them to get better at doing the things they need to do, to get the results they want.



“We have been working with Planet K2 for 4 years now and are seeing greater benefits each year. We primarily work with them at the Senior Management level, where they support us to build high performing teams whilst helping us truly understand and embrace our playing conditions as a business. As a result we have more awareness of how to work better together, how to be better leaders and how to increase output in our business.”

Mandeep Dhatt
HR Director | McLaren

The Work

Year 1

Theme – building readiness for increasing demands

» Leader as performer – 1 day session
» Leader as performance coach – 1 day session
» Action learning set support between sessions to share learning, personalise application and embed principles into day-to-day practises

Year 2

Theme – Robust people working brilliantly together

» Mental toughness and resilience – 1 day session
» High performance team working – 1 day session
» Action learning set support between sessions to share learning, personalise application and embed principles into day-to-day practises
» 1:1 coaching for Executive Directors

Year 3

Theme – High performance teams, working well with other teams

» Building high performance leadership teams
» Working effectively with other teams
» 4 x ½ day sessions with each functional leadership team through the year
» 1:1 coaching for Executive Directors



Year 4

Theme – Growing future leadership capability and leading the business

» Manager to leader programme for high potential middle managers to help them be ready to step up to the next level

» Developing commercial leadership capability. We’re working with them to build some business leadership modules that help them better understand and lead in a way that drives better commercial decisions

» 1:1 coaching for Executive Directors

Throughout the programme we’ve had conversations about people, performance and potential suitability for leadership roles.

We’re thinking about the people who bring the mindset and behaviours to help the business achieve its goals.

The Impact

Some of behaviour changes we’ve been working towards and are starting to see in practise include:

Individuals ready to cope with the many challenges of the work

Common currency of language to enable more efficient and effective conversations about performance

The demand for coaching at the Exec level is growing

Attitudes and behaviours are changing, particularly in the Directors and Heads of, who are making the strongest contributions to progress

More time being given to coaching and personal development

There’s evidence of more calm and focused passion with work styles, particularly at Director level becoming more collaborative.

We can see evidence that people are more collaborative and less combative.
They’re more keen to get it right for the business than to be right themselves. There’s a less blaming others for problems and a more taking responsibility for solving them. This shift is influencing how individuals are working together, how teams are being led and, really importantly, how teams are working together for the good of the overall business.

Clearly we can’t take full credit for all these changes and some of them may well have happened without our involvement. Undoubtedly our willingness to share our expert view, apply our judgement, to be somewhat removed and objective, to ask the challenging questions, to bravely reflect the uncomfortable truth back to senior leaders has contributed to some of the changes being made.

If you’d like to talk to some of the leaders we’d be happy to arrange this, get in touch to find out more. .

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