The Challenge

The transfer of customer operations business delivery from Burnley to Cheltenham. 

There were some real challenges for Endsleigh to deliver the very specific project they had in play, and also to take the opportunity to build their foundations for a high performance culture throughout the business.

Challenges included:

  • A new less experienced leadership team with no prior knowledge of the sales/renewal process
  • A requirement to recruit, train and up-skill the entire team
  • Deliver their goal to have a motivated, capable workforce who could deliver the required performance
  • All to be done within a deadline of 3 months!



“We partnered with PlanetK2 based on their collaborative approach, their track record, their focus on performance to get results and for the long-term culture we wanted as well as the short term impact.”

Programme feedback
Endsleigh | Working with PlanetK2

The Work

We partnered with Endsleigh to help them create a high performance culture that would see them through the short term project, but also build the foundation for a high performance culture that would deliver long term impact to the business as a whole.

These are some of the specifics that we worked on together, including:

  1. A one day session led by PlanetK2 with the team leaders to share key performance philosophy as well as relevant content and material from the PlanetK2 online resource The Performance Room (TPR)
  2. A weekly, remotely delivered, performance development programme for team leaders, building towards their change launch date, for the benefit of them and all the team members they lead
  3. Coaching surgery days with team leaders in pairs having coaching sessions with their PlanetK2 coach
  4. Regular contact and catch up calls between the PlanetK2 coaches and Endsleigh leaders throughout the programme
  5. A TPR webex and ongoing support from the PlanetK2 coaching team

Delivery was carried out in three distinct phases:

Phase 1 – The set up

It was really important to clearly establish the picture of success and the impact that was required – also to be clear that they were building up to something, rather than counting down – an important psychological momentum piece.

Having great role clarity was vital both for the Endsleigh leadership team and the PlanetK2 coaches as they worked in partnership on the programme.



The set up was very collaborative, with shared expertise from all sides. There was lots of clarity around who brings what and who needs to do what, when.” – Endsleigh team

Phase 2 – PlanetK2 face to face delivery

A series of one day masterclasses and coaching surgery days from two of PlanetK2’s core programmes i.e. Elite Team and athlete at work®.

Simple conversations, exercises and tools emphasised the following:

  1. Understanding your playing conditions
  2. Building readiness to perform
  3. Using self determination theory to fuel motivation
  4. The importance of staying connected as a team and wider team

Phase 3 – Weekly PlanetK2 communications

  1. A new key collective performance principle each week
  2. Weekly tasks for the team leader to run with their team
  3. All containing a consistent thread each week
  4. Direction for the team leaders to have a performance huddle
  5. Opportunity to share experiences, learning and next steps
  6. Regular review calls for feedback and course correction

The Impact

No negative impact on service delivery – despite the loss of 20 FTE that were still in Burnley

Key commercial KPIs were delivering between 85% and 100% of best in class (vs. previous top level outputs at 60%)

Customer satisfaction scores held across offline touch points

Customer satisfaction scores then increased 10 percentage points

Motor new business added 33%

Home new business added 33%

The Feedback

“As a team, we have successfully landed the biggest project that EIS has seen within the last ten years. We achieved this on time, on budget, and with minimal disruption to performance or outputs.”

“Tailored – I feel that the programmes were fluid and can be tailored to specific individual and business needs.”

“Language – like the language it uses, can buy into it easily.”

“Simple – the programme is simple and the basis in psychology is something I can buy into massively as it changes the way we think. ”

Programme feedback
Endsleigh | Working with PlanetK2



“Commitment to the team and the business has improved – everyone feels like they have skin in the game. They know what part they need to play and how it contributes to the overall result.”

“Personal – compared to other coaching programmes I feel that PlanetK2 coaches are human, get to know the individual and tailor their approach.”

“Consistent – the feedback, the input and the follow up are all consistent which is helpful.”

“Connectedness – improved the connectedness of the team to prepare us for day 1 – this was a huge thing.”

Programme feedback
Endsleigh | Working with PlanetK2

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