We’re hiring…

Marketing and Sales Rockstar We’re on the hunt for the next inhabitant of PlanetK2 and if you’re reading this then it might actually be you in which case, welcome. The PlanetK2 group includes a number of brands in close orbit in the shape of; Glow London, The Performance Room, and BelievePerform. ‘Performance’ is our gravity... Read more

PlanetK2 and Moment Company Partnership

PlanetK2, the world’s most accessible source of human performance expertise and Moment Company, creators of the products and experiences that support employee wellbeing, have today announced a partnership aimed at making moments of pause a consistent feature of high performance for people in the workplace who are serious about seeing how good they can be.... Read more
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Introducing our newest PlanetK2 coach

We are very proud and excited to share the news that we have a new associate, Sanani Mangisa, joining the team in our South African business unit. Sanani is a formidable performer having honed her skills in high performance environments on and off the sports field. A rising star in the business space with some... Read more