PerformanceFest Lounge 2019

An acclaimed dancer, an outstanding chef patron, a vital discovery scientist and two exceptional defence lawyers all walk into a cinema… This, is going to be a unique event. All brought to you by Foundation SP, the people-centric technology and change specialists and creators of Pulse360 . For one balmy afternoon only, there's an exclusive... Read more
Helen Glover photo credit James Mcnaught

Introducing Helen Glover MBE – our newest PlanetK2 ambassador

We’re delighted and excited to announce our newest PlanetK2 ambassador – Helen Glover MBE. As a professional rower and a member of the Great Britain rowing team, Helen is a truly inspiring high performer from the elite sport arena. Helen is ranked the number one female rower in the world since 2015, is two time... Read more

Team LifeReady – Aids Lifecycle

In our quest to share our human performance expertise and do some good in the world where we can, this year we're supporting Team LifeReady, sponsoring and coaching the team as they prepare for Aids LifeCycle 2018 - our very own Keith Hatter is even off to be their roadie for the event! A complete... Read more

Festive survival tips

Sing along with me please… “I wish it could be Christmas Everyday…” Blimey. Really? Every day? Imagine it… We’d all be enormous! Excessive food, too much to drink, not enough sleep... all a bit tough for people who are keen to keep performing well through December and into the new year. Just stop for a... Read more

Raising the bar

Mickey Arthur, the Australian Cricket Team Coach has just blogged about recent team discipline issues. It's a very focused post that highlights some of the choices that everybody needs to make and be connected by in order that you don't simply hold a set of hopes and wishes together - but that ensures you behave... Read more

World Class

Rebecca Adlington retired this week, at the ripe old age of 23. There’s been lots of plaudits written about her – some of which sound rather like obituaries. Having done some work with Rebecca back in October (she helped us deliver a great Masterclass to a bunch of high performing hotel managers), what’s really struck... Read more

Learning + changing + patience

It's three years since Andy Murray was defeated by Roger Federer in the 2010 Australian Open tennis final. Here are some comments from Ivan Lendl at the time on the fact that it took him four grand slam final defeats before he won the 1984 French Open (when he was 2 sets down to McEnroe).... Read more

Get better train

So, #getbettertrain is going to be our hashtag for the next little while on twitter. It's a simple concept and one that really fits quite nicely with everything we do at K2. Here's some thoughts to help bring #getbettertrain to life a little more and also some ideas about how you can get involved too...... Read more

Time to prepare and perform

If you want to get better this year some training time will be required, whether that's spent goal setting, practising or performance reviewing. If you want time to start afresh then checkout out our top tips at for how to think, prepare and perform at work like an elite athlete. And if today's your... Read more

Time to start afresh

Now that it's clear that the world hasn't ended, we should all be able to use our near miss inspired reinvigoration for life to build a better version of ourselves going forward. What better way of harnessing the renewed zest for life and being a good person generally than to look forward to a high... Read more

Funny thing confidence

Funny how you're not allowed to share the fact that you've got loads of confidence when you've got it. Funny how you're frowned upon if you let people know that you've lost confidence or got none of it. Funny all that given how important everyone says confidence is to them being able to perform at... Read more