3 Key Attitudes…

We know from the greatest people we've worked with that they're superb at consistently carrying around with them the ideas that...Their natural talent is not enough for them to excel...They have to constantly keep working on where to focus their desire to improve... andThey have to embrace change and drive change if they're going to... Read more

Bad Science, Performance Focus

We'd highly recommend visiting www.badscience.net to help you debunk a lot of the nonsense that gets published about what might or might not be good for you. It's clear from a lot of the trash newspaper articles that Ben Goldacre takes to task, that the common theme stems from lazy journalists or out and out... Read more

Don’t burn yourself out!

In this video we see Prof Richard Wiseman (of "The Luck Factor" and "Quirkology") demonstrating that firewalking is a load of old tosh. Most enjoyable, as although we believe in the power of the mind sometimes it can be taken a bit too far! Fine line, genius and insanity!It got me thinking about the power... Read more

Footballer Wisdom…

Two words I thought I'd never write next to each other... an oxymoron if ever there was one!   However, take a look at this from Robbie Keane, the Liverpool benchwarmer.   "I'm not being big-headed but I've scored a lot of goals in the last 10 years and it's not just going to go... Read more

Opportunity in chaos…

Someone mentioned today that there is opportunity in chaos...Seems like a sensible assertion. And there is opportunity for sure, providing your know what abilities you have to exploit that opportunity. It's been said that "chance favours the prepared mind" and these two ideas sit nicely together. Opportunity and the prepared mind.How prepared is your individual,... Read more

Survive or Thrive?

I was talking with a team we work with the other day and remarked how they were in a perfect storm. End of year mayhem to bring home the promised numbers, a change of leader, planning for 2009 to be completed and a really uncertain external climate. The perfect situation for a team to fracture.... Read more

Eating my own dog food….

So I'm sitting on the stationary bike doing a warm down session after a half marathon on Sunday. It's a bike in a hotel gym though exactly the same make and model as the bike I use at my local gym. It's only a warm down session so I'm not going crazy -even so I... Read more

Go on, be brave…

Whilst having a rare flick through the FT the other day, we happened across a book review for "Managing to Learn Using The A3 Management Process to Solve Problems, Gain Agreement, Mentor, and Lead" by John Shook. Not the most enticing of titles! However, the FT article was entitled "The Toyota mindset revealed", which got... Read more


When we're in circumstances that look and feel totally foreign, we can often conclude that we don't have appropriate skills to deal with what we're facing. That conclusion comes from focusing on the situation as unique, unexpected, threatening and basically unwanted!However, if you're aware of all of your talents that have led you to be... Read more

Next step thinking…

The concept of "next step thinking" came up last week in a conversation. This is all about focusing on being in the moment and being confident that you can do the next thing you need to do with complete focus and confidence. It seems that this is very important at the moment. Much of our... Read more