Building Connections

I caught up with a leader earlier this week. We started work together last September as part of a programme of work with the senior team they lead. The feedback they gave was reassuring “We think of you now as part of the team. You’re our coach.” You might well be justified in thinking, "Great,... Read more

Focus on Mental Health at Work

We’ve all heard the stats. Poor mental health is costing the economy billions each year and millions of work days are being lost due to mental health problems. Mental Health isn’t about stats. It’s about people and unless there is a firm foundation of good mental health, sustainable & ethical high levels of performance are... Read more

6 questions to help you stay focused

To stay focused you need to understand and manage a few key things: 1. What are the key sources of information that you need to stay focused on in order to maximise the chances of success? 2. How long do you need to concentrate on them for on order to get the job done? 3.... Read more