From mad cow to crazy horse, the news about horse meat in food products has hit the headlines and focused many people’s minds on what they’re eating. Do you focus your mind on what you eat or focus what you eat to improve your mind? Foods affect your concentration, decision making and mood. If you’re interested in performance at work and you’ve got a body and a brain, then taking greater interest in what you eat might be a way of helping yourself to go further/better/faster/more consistently/sustainably/effectively/productively (circle as appropriate).

Knowing what you’re eating reminded us of this article written a few years ago by Michael Pollan which, though aimed at a US audience, we like for it’s simplicity (these two things aren’t necessarily related). One rule, which goes “don’t eat anything your great-great-great Grandmother wouldn’t recognise as food”, has less to do with avoiding foreign imports therefore eating fresher local produce, and more to do with, as the article puts it, eating food and not food products. Up to you if you class pre-packed frozen supermarket meals and burgers as products.

See what you think of Michael’s simple rules and consider how you can apply these in a simple way that works for you to make your life simpler and your performance even better. And if you’re chomping at the bit to know more about how food can not only help avoid underperformance but also fuel higher performance, then let us know (by pony express or email).