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♥ Understand playing conditions  ♥  Uncover potential
♥  Become high performing


The Elite Team programme is designed to help your team exploit its potential and become truly high performing.

Key questions:

  1. What value would be lost if your team disbanded over and above the value of individual players?
  2. If we were to ask every person on your team, why you exist as a team, how confident are you we’d get the same or at least similar answers?

On this programme your team won’t walk over hot coals holding hands together. We’ve seen little need for this in most businesses we’ve worked in. They will get what we’ve learned from our work with great teams in both the sporting and business world and bring these concepts to life for them.

After spending some time understanding your playing conditions, the challenges you’re facing and the outcomes you’re looking for, we’ll work with you over the course of several months to guide, challenge and support you so that you become superbly ready to perform – and deliver the performance and results that you’re looking for – whatever the conditions.

The kick-off sessions will be highly practical and you’ll be provided with resources to improve team performance. As part of the programme, you’ll also be getting 12 months membership to our unique and acclaimed on-line resource, The Performance Room. It’s stuffed full of tools, kitbags, training plans, videos, podcasts, infographics – everything you need to take your performance to a new level.


“We are now a team. We understand that we all have a role in that team and we are clear what that role is.

We work together to meet our targets to get the results we know we can and need to achieve. We recognise that we all bring something to the team and we lean on each other and utilise each others expertise.

The team now wants to continue to improve their performance in order to assist other areas of the business as much as they can.

We feel in control of our own and the team’s performance, we have confidence in ourselves that we can achieve the results we want by working together and we are now connected as a team.”

Programme feedback
Rosalind Davies | Team Leader / Solicitor | ERS




The start

The programme begins with a 2-day kick-off which lays the foundations for a series of group and/or individual coaching sessions over the months ahead. During the two days, you’ll:

  • Get insight into the individual perceptions of the team
  • Examine team reputation and broader purpose
  • Create a detailed WHY, WHAT, HOW for the team, to ensure absolute goal clarity for the team and all team members
  • Identify simple and relevant ways of using the goals structure to measure the success of the team and also development of the team
  • Create role clarity within the team for the delivery of the WHY, WHAT and HOW
  • Build a performance calendar to allow the team to have clear line of sight of the collective key performance moments in the year ahead

The finish

At the end of the kick-off, we’ll firm up the focus and content of the follow up coaching days which will consist of team and/or individual coaching every 6 – 8 weeks where we’ll focus on three things:

  • A learning review to help the team capitalise on their efforts to date and understand its recipe for winning
  • Application of high performance principles to business as usual items for the team and planning for specific demands that are coming up in the weeks ahead
  • A deep dive into a key high performance topic that is particularly relevant for the team

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