Performance Coaching

If you want High Performance Coaching with us, we need you to be ready to work hard and stick with it, even when it feels hard and uncomfortable. Coaching truths You’d be hard pushed to find any top athletes, or performers in any of the performing arts, who don’t have a coach, or equivalent, to... Read more

Funny thing confidence

Funny how you're not allowed to share the fact that you've got loads of confidence when you've got it. Funny how you're frowned upon if you let people know that you've lost confidence or got none of it. Funny all that given how important everyone says confidence is to them being able to perform at... Read more

Measuring engagement

Here’s a well used tool that claims to effectively measure engagement at work. Trouble is, it seems to be based on a parent-child model of engagement, with the the organisation being the parent and the workers being the ickle children. That's not really engagement - that's compliance! Remembering back to my engagement to my wife,... Read more

Looking for advantages

No great surprise to hear that Andy Murray has recently been using a sports psychologist and that, in Andy's enthusiastic tones 'it went well'. There's at least a couple of really simple messages here. Firstly, that if you want to improve, then anything is worth trying when looking for advantages, big or small. Secondly, that... Read more

Performance Intelligence

A couple of weeks ago we had the pleasure of taking the first group of non-K2 coaches through a workshop programme to get them ready for using Performance Intelligence in their coaching work. We had two great days of sharing coaching experience and bringing to life the unique approach to supporting people that is PI.... Read more

The delivery mindset

Choose your mindset As the Olympic Games approaches, all athletes and coaches are faced with the choice of when to switch into their delivery mindset. The delivery mindset is all about being 100% focused on cashing in on what has been put in place and being passionately driven to find out how good the performance... Read more

Surprise doubles win

Jonathan Marray's surprise doubles win at Wimbledon provides a great story. In a post match interview he said he could not quite believe he had won the title, adding: "When I see my friends and family and speak to them about it, over the course of a few days, a few weeks, I'm sure it... Read more

Desire to win

Same strokes with different folks The British Rowing Team announced their first competitive squad of the Olympic season in April this year. In an Olympic season there’s some interesting alterations to existing crews (who were already world champions and world medalists some 6 months ago). The decision to change is one that supports the desire... Read more