Simple high performance ingredients

Darts is not everyone's idea of top class athleticism but it combines many elements of a truly demanding competitive sport - consistent technical skill, fine margins of success/failure, mental toughness (and therefore physical strain), tests of confidence and all in a very public arena. This interview of 3.33 mins with Phil "the Power" Taylor gives a... Read more

Funny thing confidence

Funny how you're not allowed to share the fact that you've got loads of confidence when you've got it. Funny how you're frowned upon if you let people know that you've lost confidence or got none of it. Funny all that given how important everyone says confidence is to them being able to perform at... Read more

Having a support team is crucial

Support team for 'Team You' Successful Olympic, Paralympic and other elite level athletes and sports people are usually quick to acknowledge the help and support of vital others without whom they couldn’t perform at such a high or consistently high level. Individuals have the support of others, teams have the support of others and individuals... Read more