Why your 2020 New Year Resolutions should be focused on failure

There's a better way to do January. A better way to set goals and steer your business in 2020. Embrace the elephant in the room - that failure is a crucial part of success. I’m not a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions, mainly because the last thing I feel like doing after a hard... Read more

Learning + changing + patience

It's three years since Andy Murray was defeated by Roger Federer in the 2010 Australian Open tennis final. Here are some comments from Ivan Lendl at the time on the fact that it took him four grand slam final defeats before he won the 1984 French Open (when he was 2 sets down to McEnroe).... Read more

Using goals

As soon as goals are mentioned, we frequently hear the words 'goal setting' mentioned. Goal setting is fine, but the term can encourage the mindset that once goals are set, then the job is done. Goal setting becomes even more effective when combined with goal reviewing, and so a more useful phrase might be 'using... Read more

Time to prepare and perform

If you want to get better this year some training time will be required, whether that's spent goal setting, practising or performance reviewing. If you want time to start afresh then checkout out our top tips at www.planetK2.com/blog for how to think, prepare and perform at work like an elite athlete. And if today's your... Read more

Rebecca Adlington – Passionate about the process

We had the pleasure this week of spending the day with Rebecca Adlington delivering a session reflecting on the Olympic Games. With four Olympic medals to her name at only age 23, there’s clearly something she’s doing right. Performance insights came thick and fast through the day, but there was one overwhelming message that really... Read more

Are you a perfectionist?

Are you a perfectionist? If you think so, then start applying perfectionism in the high performance way. Perfect reviewing is not simply labelling anything less than 100% successful as a failure. Perfect commitment is not needing every fine detail in place before you'll begin a performance, start a project or get a job done. Perfect... Read more

Learning how to outperform your opposition

Winning the Mind Games The first FISA Rowing World Cup of the season took place in Belgrade earlier this year. It was the first of three regattas that are the only international competitions of note prior to the Olympic Games at Dorney Lake. This first foray back into international competition since the World Championships means... Read more

Surprise doubles win

Jonathan Marray's surprise doubles win at Wimbledon provides a great story. In a post match interview he said he could not quite believe he had won the title, adding: "When I see my friends and family and speak to them about it, over the course of a few days, a few weeks, I'm sure it... Read more

Desire to win

Same strokes with different folks The British Rowing Team announced their first competitive squad of the Olympic season in April this year. In an Olympic season there’s some interesting alterations to existing crews (who were already world champions and world medalists some 6 months ago). The decision to change is one that supports the desire... Read more

How to use video analysis to reflect on your performance

The athletes we work with often have the benefit of video analysis of their training sessions, taken for them by their coach. Having delivered a training session, the coach and athlete will sit down and analyse the "performance", sometimes frame by frame to determine how effectivley fundamentals have been delivered and how well goals for... Read more