Team commitment from the insect world!

Click on the lovely picture of the fire ants to watch a video of how they have adapted to deal with their home being flooded. No, this isn't simply an ant team building challenge in the Amazon! These ants understand what team primacy is. Forming a raft from just their linked together bodies they float as... Read more


We often ask our clients what performance means, before we tell them how we define it. Typically performance gets confused with results and targets and measurement of end points. We often get people to think about performance from the point of view of a performance at the theatre, which people quickly see is a whole... Read more

Short feedback loops

I've re-learned something really important this week - that giving and receiving quality performance focused feedback and then taking responsibility for doing something about it is vital for my performance. And to enable that to happen a few things are required: I have to be open to feedback - to want to know anything that... Read more

Why bother?

Viktor Frankl (author of the great book, Man's Search for Meaning) observed that "where there is a why, you can endure almost any how"... deep words... but very true.So, have a look around you. We're in pretty tough times, and the people who have a "why", either a personal why, team why or organisational why,... Read more

Paralysed by goals…

Under pressure, we know that people's focus tends to narrow down onto just a few things and very often, this actually means missing out on some really important information that's in the world around you. We think we've noticed quite a lot of attentional narrowing onto those wonderful things called "goals" and it hasn't all... Read more