World Class

Rebecca Adlington retired this week, at the ripe old age of 23. There’s been lots of plaudits written about her – some of which sound rather like obituaries. Having done some work with Rebecca back in October (she helped us deliver a great Masterclass to a bunch of high performing hotel managers), what’s really struck... Read more

Using goals

As soon as goals are mentioned, we frequently hear the words 'goal setting' mentioned. Goal setting is fine, but the term can encourage the mindset that once goals are set, then the job is done. Goal setting becomes even more effective when combined with goal reviewing, and so a more useful phrase might be 'using... Read more

Get better train

So, #getbettertrain is going to be our hashtag for the next little while on twitter. It's a simple concept and one that really fits quite nicely with everything we do at K2. Here's some thoughts to help bring #getbettertrain to life a little more and also some ideas about how you can get involved too...... Read more

Simple high performance ingredients

Darts is not everyone's idea of top class athleticism but it combines many elements of a truly demanding competitive sport - consistent technical skill, fine margins of success/failure, mental toughness (and therefore physical strain), tests of confidence and all in a very public arena. This interview of 3.33 mins with Phil "the Power" Taylor gives a... Read more

Time to prepare and perform

If you want to get better this year some training time will be required, whether that's spent goal setting, practising or performance reviewing. If you want time to start afresh then checkout out our top tips at for how to think, prepare and perform at work like an elite athlete. And if today's your... Read more

Time to start afresh

Now that it's clear that the world hasn't ended, we should all be able to use our near miss inspired reinvigoration for life to build a better version of ourselves going forward. What better way of harnessing the renewed zest for life and being a good person generally than to look forward to a high... Read more

Rebecca Adlington – Passionate about the process

We had the pleasure this week of spending the day with Rebecca Adlington delivering a session reflecting on the Olympic Games. With four Olympic medals to her name at only age 23, there’s clearly something she’s doing right. Performance insights came thick and fast through the day, but there was one overwhelming message that really... Read more

Are you a perfectionist?

Are you a perfectionist? If you think so, then start applying perfectionism in the high performance way. Perfect reviewing is not simply labelling anything less than 100% successful as a failure. Perfect commitment is not needing every fine detail in place before you'll begin a performance, start a project or get a job done. Perfect... Read more

Ingredients of success at the GB Olympics

Sophie Hosking and Kat Copeland – Lightweight Women’s Double Sculls Olympic Champions. Italy Training Camp, July 2012. Winning Strategies Wow! What an Olympic Games. The success was wonderful, the performances outstanding and the nation were proud – and that was just the Gamesmakers! We saw some incredible success from Team GB throughout the whole Olympics... Read more

Feel good factor?

So much of great performance is about feeling right. Feeling prepared can really help confidence and performance for many people. How much were the results of a home Olympic Games for GB athletes due to a feel good factor and home crowds and how much was that the opportunity of a home games meant that... Read more