Using goals

As soon as goals are mentioned, we frequently hear the words 'goal setting' mentioned. Goal setting is fine, but the term can encourage the mindset that once goals are set, then the job is done. Goal setting becomes even more effective when combined with goal reviewing, and so a more useful phrase might be 'using... Read more

Measuring engagement

Here’s a well used tool that claims to effectively measure engagement at work. Trouble is, it seems to be based on a parent-child model of engagement, with the the organisation being the parent and the workers being the ickle children. That's not really engagement - that's compliance! Remembering back to my engagement to my wife,... Read more

slow steady progress

Amidst the excitement surrounding the success of GB teams at the Olympics, and particularly the success of the GB Rowing and Cycling teams, it's worth reminding yourself (or learning) that these successes are on the back of many years (decades in fact) of sustained effort and focus on performance improvement and innovation. As we all... Read more