Festive survival tips

Sing along with me please… “I wish it could be Christmas Everyday…” Blimey. Really? Every day? Imagine it… We’d all be enormous! Excessive food, too much to drink, not enough sleep... all a bit tough for people who are keen to keep performing well through December and into the new year. Just stop for a... Read more

eating for performance

From mad cow to crazy horse, the news about horse meat in food products has hit the headlines and focused many people's minds on what they're eating. Do you focus your mind on what you eat or focus what you eat to improve your mind? Foods affect your concentration, decision making and mood.   If... Read more

Getting your tactics in synch

We've just finished the 2 day kick off to the athlete at work® programme and really enjoyed some interesting conversations around performance in these testing times. One of the most interesting discussions was around the perceived pressure to get more done in less time. Wouldn't we all like that? So, when we talked about being... Read more

Active Recovery…

One thing that we know from working with the highest level athletes is that they value and exploit active recovery in order to perform better. This contrasts with the views that we hear in the corporate world, where is appears there is a perception sometimes that sleep and downtime are an inconvenience to getting a... Read more

How to develop endurance

It's pretty clear that the coming months are going to explore the endurance of business leaders, both physically and mentally. When we develop endurance we gain the capacity to persevere with demanding work for long periods of time; enabling you to make good decisions when physically and mentally tired; and find those additional reserves of... Read more

More done in less time…

We received the following feedback on planet K2 yesterday. Not only did it make us feel quite good about ourselves, but we also realised that there's quite a bit we can learn from these select words, particularly when it comes to filling the physical component of the performance pie... "My training continues – making the... Read more