eating for performance

From mad cow to crazy horse, the news about horse meat in food products has hit the headlines and focused many people's minds on what they're eating. Do you focus your mind on what you eat or focus what you eat to improve your mind? Foods affect your concentration, decision making and mood. If you're interested... Read more

Jump on the bandwagon…

So, #getbettertrain is going to be our hashtag for the next little while on twitter. It's a simple concept and one that really fits quite nicely with everything we do at K2. Here's some thoughts to help bring #getbettertrain to life a little more and also some ideas about how you can get involved too...... Read more

Time to prepare and perform

If you want to get better this year some training time will be required, whether that's spent goal setting, practising or performance reviewing. If you want time to start afresh then checkout out our top tips at for how to think, prepare and perform at work like an elite athlete. And if today's your... Read more

doing what you know

No great surprise to hear that Andy Murray has recently been using a sports psychologist and that, in Andy's enthusiastic tones 'it went well'. There's at least a couple of really simple messages here. Firstly, that if you want to improve, then anything is worth trying to look for advantages, big or small. Secondly, that... Read more

We’ve won the Olympics…

Sophie Hosking and Kat Copeland – Lightweight Women’s Double Sculls Olympic Champions. Italy Training Camp, July 2012. Winning Strategies Wow! What an Olympic Games. The success was wonderful, the performances outstanding and the nation were proud – and that was just the Gamesmakers! We saw some incredible success from Team GB throughout the whole Olympics... Read more

Feel good factor?

So much of great performance is about feeling right. Feeling prepared can really help confidence and performance for many people. How much were the results of a home Olympic Games for GB athletes due to a feel good factor and home crowds and how much was that the opportunity of a home games meant that... Read more

Dissatisfaction or Delivery?

Choose your mindset As the Olympic Games approaches, all athletes and coaches are faced with the choice of when to switch into their delivery mindset. The delivery mindset is all about being 100% focused on cashing in on what has been put in place and being passionately driven to find out how good the performance... Read more

A Choice of Environment

During the final throes of preparation for the Olympics, the choice of environment becomes critical to achieving ideal readiness to step into the melting pot of the Games. Many members of Team GB are currently out of the country deliberately in very different environments from the ones they'll end up competing in. Why? It's all... Read more

The Olympic Count Up

Under Pressure? Whether you’re under pressure or not might simply be a matter of perspective. Writing this, there are 42 days to go to the start of the London Olympic Games. Now, there’s a very good chance that for most people a looming deadline for a critical event a kin to the Olympic Games would... Read more