Alison Wright

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The why

Ali is interested in and passionate about working with people and helping them to be the best version of themselves they can be.  Ali enjoys learning & experiencing new skills, exactly what naturally occurs when you engage with different people.

Ali has worked in both private & public sectors and excels in roles that ‘nurture, support & organise’ such as office management and IT clinical training roles. She loves taking on projects and seeing them through and thrives on helping people feel included, valued and supported.  Working in a team is vital to Ali because she believes you need a group of people to bring good together! The world cannot survive or move forward on one person’s experience or values alone! That’s a bit deep…but kinda true too.

The how

By mainly being very, very organised. Yes it includes lists sometimes! Ali is in constant communication with everyone at PlanetK2 as well as very often with our customers too. We could nickname her the conduit, but its not that catchy. One thing Ali Ioves about PlanetK2 is TPR (our very own online Performance Room) because it works. How does she know this? Because she uses it! She set herself the challenge of doing the London – Brighton bike ride in 2017 and used TPR tools, plus knowledge from PlanetK2 coaches get get her through the training & to complete it!  Super proud we all are, because Ali completed it all AND on a £150 bike.

Never stand still

Now why would Ali do that? She’d say ‘Anyone can get better at stuff if they want to & you’ll have plenty of time to be still when you’re dead, yes?’ Ali is fearless at trying new things, going to new places and is always offering up new ideas as a result. She likes a good chat, is never stuck for words and will never stand still…unless she has a hot drink in her hand …because she’s smart too.