Jim Constable

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The why

Because his belief that performance is a function of many factors and often misunderstood. Knowledge and skills are very important but we know there’s more to it than that. Jim gets a lot of satisfaction from helping teams and individuals to perform better as a result of his expertise and performance coaching.

The how

Jim is less about nervous energy, excitement and bouncing off the ceiling and much more about persistent, steady effort. He’ll challenge you in his own way. Well schooled in the basics of excellent performance coaching he uses his colleagues extremely well to provide the leading edge, innovative aspects of his work. He tells lots of good stories from sport, work and his personal life, some of which are even relevant.

Never stand still

Calm, persistent, sociable but not that cuddly, Jim has been a PlanetK2 performance coach for many years. He worked for many more years in financial services but having ticked off that particular boyhood dream he escaped. With 20 years in development roles, a sports science degree, training qualification, teaching qualification, coaching qualification, masters degree, and MBTI qualified, Jim is at least qualified.