Katherine Bond

The Why

Katherine loves working with people, and in particular loves helping them see how good they can be. With 15 years experience of working with Olympic and Paralympic athletes, and having been to five Olympic/Paralympic Games, and most recently Rio 2016, she’s passionate about sharing her insights and challenging people to explore their own performance potential. As a Chartered Psychologist with a PhD in performance psychology, Katherine works with Chris on translating the latest high performance thinking and innovation into our practical and impactful stuff underpinning our programmes. Katherine also leads the Australian side of PlanetK2, cleverly flitting between hemispheres so she enjoys an endless summer.

The How

Katherine is deeply passionate and endlessly curious about human performance. She enjoys nothing more than a project to get her teeth stuck into – so whether it’s individual performance coaching, whipping teams into shape to become high(er) performing, or helping organisations fulfil their potential, she’s like a dog with a bone in helping people improve. She’s also highly practical, pretty pragmatic and loves keeping things simple. In full flight, she’s a force to be reckoned with.

Never Stand Still

Katherine loves a challenge and gets bored if she’s not testing herself in new areas. She remains excited by her ongoing work in the fast paced world of Olympic and Paralympic sport, and loves bringing all that good stuff back into our programmes. And at the moment, she’s applying that same energy, desire for a challenge, tenacity and drive to growing our Australian business and leading the PlanetK2 Team to delivering massive impact to our customers there. Watch out Australia is all we can say.