Katy Jo Stanton

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The why

From the moment Katy went to a Performance Masterclass, she knew she wanted to work with PlanetK2. Katy has a ton of marketing and business growth experience, gained in many different arenas, from startups to corporates. She’s worked all over the world as a digital nomad and enjoys startup environments and agile working. After providing some expertise to help The Performance Room get up and running, she was keen to get working at PlanetK2. She likes nothing better than to work with a company helping it grow.

The how

Katy has a head for data and a heart for creativity. There’s a lot of information and knowledge out there about marketing and lots of shiney new software and tactics to play with. Katy applies herself to reducing the complexity, to cut through the noise and find stuff that works for PlanetK2. She creates simple, effective strategies and plans, that enable the amazing PlanetK2 team to help more people around the world perform better, whether by the PlanetK2 programmes or through content.

Never stand still

Everything, everywhere, everyone has the potential to inspire Katy. She’s often challenging herself out of her comfort zone, from singing onstage, to picking up a new instrument, to visiting a new country to (trying) to learn a new language. New experiences inspire new ideas and new ways of thinking – that creates new stuff to try out for the business and just for fun and that’s the sweet spot for Katy.