Luisa Godfrey

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The why

Luisa embarked on her own PlanetK2 journey in 2009 as a customer determined to learn how to take her own performance to a higher level. To say that her experience was life changing is an understatement. She is incredibly passionate, some say evangelical, about helping people to achieve their full potential, and has a great track record of doing just that!

The how

Luisa holds a MBA from the University of Reading and is an experienced and successful business leader. Her career spans the Defence, Security, Public and Not-for-Profit Sectors. An excellent communicator and facilitator she has held senior management positions leading large multi-disciplinary teams in both the UK and the USA. Luisa is able to draw on her strong commercial and interpersonal skills as well as her ever-increasing knowledge of how people tick to challenge people’s thinking about their own performance.

Never stand still

Having joined the PlanetK2 team leaving behind corporate life, Luisa is also bringing her skills to bear in the not-for-profit sector as a Trustee for the Newbury based charity ‘Swings and Smiles. She’s not quite sure when she discovered her desire to get fit and to regularly exercise but it was quite a shock for everyone when it happened. She now swims regularly, runs – well shuffles – almost daily and in October 2011 climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. Her next big challenge is already in the diary.