We’re in this together.

Covid-19 impacts us all.

Here’s how to get ready for the conditions you’re in right now.

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Navigate your business

Leading yourself

High Performance Survival

Dr. Chris Shambrook on The Performance Room

Leaders – Put your own oxygen mask on first 

PlanetK2 on The Performance Room

Leading others

Coronavirus Support: How to Run a Virtual Workplace

Dr. Chris Shambrook on Entrepreneur and Investor

Working from home with the family

PlanetK2 on The Performance Room

High Performance Survival – Episode #1

PlanetK2 – High Performance Survival Webinar Series – Episode 1
Dr. Chris Shambrook with Lisa Bonney MD Global Clients IIG

Mental Health

10 things you might be doing now that will increase your anxiety

PlanetK2 – Mental Health in the workplace – The Performance Room

Looking after your mental health in times of uncertainty

PlanetK2 – Mental Health – The Performance Room

Helpful thinking to combat worry and uncertainty

Podcast – Adam Morris from Believe Perform talks to performance experts Dr. Chris Shambrook & Jim Constable from PlanetK2

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