We live what we do

An abundance mindset.

We help the world think, prepare and perform; to transform performance.

We focus on being brilliant performers, by helping our customers perform brilliantly. Why?

Seriously good performance means we can do the good we want to do in the world.

It’s that simple. We live what we do.

In our DNA

For a long time, PlanetK2 has been our vehicle for doing good.

We’re serious about our performance, to fuel that journey. It’s in our DNA.

Historically, we’ve bought our abundance mindset to life in many ways; from charity donations and start up support, volunteering and fundraising, through to pro bono work for organisations we admire and people that had the need but not the means to access human performance expertise.

We’ve also created two levels of free membership to The Performance Room, giving our global audience access to human performance expertise.

As you get serious about performance and work with us, you join us on our journey. Together we get to perform brilliantly. Together we get to give back to those that need it most.


Latest performance love shared with the world

Team LifeReady – AIDS Lifecycle 2018

Team LifeReady are preparing with PlanetK2 and training for the Aids Lifecycle 2018 – 545 miles, cycling from San Francisco to LA fundraising for AIDS/HIV related services, research and awareness.

One of us is also off to be their event roadie…

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PerformanceFest Lounge 2018

In June 2018, we’re bringing an exclusive set of performers onstage to share their high performance experience from their unique performance arenas. Sponsored by Make it Cheaper – The Money Saving Experts, we’re able to share all net proceeds from the event with our charity partner Children on the Edge.

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Free coaching delivery days

Annually, we set aside 5% of our available delivery days for organisations that need to spend any spare cash they have on the core of what they do. Every year we’ll be giving our customers the opportunity to nominate organisations they believe in, that we can support in this way.

Stand out

Transform performance in your people, business and brands.

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