Although we use Basecamp already here at K2 and love how the people at 37Signals work, we had’t really realised what high performance role models they were until we read, Rework, the superbly irreverent but always relevant business book, by the founders of 37Signals. It’s packed full of excellent examples of clinical, high performance thinking that cuts through the crap of “business wisdom” and just provides common sense, input driven-output passionate information. Thank you guys, a superbly refreshing read and lets hope we can sort out a way of sharing some of what we know with you.

The book has also prodded us again to start thinking about what the purpose of this blog is and has reminded us to focus on sharing what we know, giving more information away and presenting a glimpse backstage to maximise relevance and interest from the K2 blog readers. So, here’s to some refreshingly different posts on here, mixed in with some of the original style of information.

By the way, let other people know about 37Signals and about K2, if you like what you read on here or see on their superb blog. Also, let us know which things you’ve liked on here already and more importantly, what you think of the new flavour of posts when they emerge in the near future.