We didn’t come this far to only come this far

The Phoenix Effect: The triangle of fire required for organisations to revive and thrive after surviving Covid-19 Many organisations are still very much in the throes of doing the things they need to do to survive the Covid-19 crisis. At some point, and now may well be too soon for some, the focus will start... Read more

It’s about impact, not days

Traditional training models are being disrupted and that’s not all bad. Over the years we’ve had some great results with programmes of work that combine: Sharing of key performance concepts in an intense period with One to one coaching to help implement the learning in a very individualised way This way of collaborating has great... Read more

Most people haven’t been on a proper team

Calling something high performance, doesn’t make it high performance. Being really clear on what you need Leaders say they want high performing teams however, “performance” is a word that’s widely misused and therefore widely misunderstood. People often label things “high performance” that aren’t and until there’s complete clarity over the definition, all that happens is... Read more

Everyone is on a talent development programme

We’ve lost count of the hours we’ve witnessed well-meaning leaders decide into which box different team members belong, so they can decide who to have “tough” conversations with and where the “real” talent lies so they can do special things for them. Talent development in competitive environments In a high performance world, leaders are obsessed... Read more

How we roll

If you’re reading this then it’s likely that you’re thinking of working with us, but before you make that choice, there are some things that we think you should know… High performance is not for everyone We don’t do stuff “to you”. High performance, as the name suggests is not normal, it’s high, and pound... Read more

It’s not sports day, not everyone wins.

Excellence is not normal. For excellence to exist, good, O.K., average and poor need to exist too. Stunning revelation no.1 Whether you do something or nothing, you are creating a culture. As the people at Zappos put it, your culture defines the environment in which people work and the influence it has on how people... Read more

Performance Coaching

If you want Performance Coaching with us, we need you to be ready to work hard and stick with it, even when it feels hard and uncomfortable. Coaching truths You’d be hard pushed to find any top athletes, or performers in any of the performing arts, who don’t have a coach, or equivalent, to help... Read more

Being human…whilst racing through treacle blindfolded

Being human in the world of PlanetK2 is a value we live and work by. In recent times, we’ve been leading with this value. But what does it mean for us to be human? Read more

High performance survival lessons from a pineapple retailer

How mindset and response may once again be the best predictor of survival. Read more

Change and uncertainty – your favourite conditions

Leaders. Now is the time. The people you have the privilege and responsibility of leading need you. This is a leadership moment like we haven’t seen in a long time. Rapid change, uncertainty where it’s all headed and when conditions will return to what we call normal. There’s lots of noise around causing stress, anxiety,... Read more

Let’s get ready to perform

Dear South Africa. With the current goings-on we've decided to postpone this event. In the meantime you can continue to access us and all of our world class content on www.theperformanceroom.co.ukAs soon as the storm passes we'll set new dates. Keep in touch. When the demands are high, the conditions are tough and opportunity really... Read more