Fairy dust is not enough

There are few better ways to spend time than listening to extraordinary people in conversation and if you haven’t watched it yet, Pretend it’s a City is wonderful. It’s basically Martin Scorcese chatting with Fran Leibowitz and it’s a beautiful, funny, enlightening and thought-provoking series of conversations. In one episode, Fran Leibowitz talks about talent.... Read more

The athlete at work programme for graduates

Our PlanetK2 signature Athlete @ Work programme has been perfected for graduates entering the world of work in 2021. WHY? Graduates everywhere are entering the big, wide world of work in unprecedented numbers in an uncertain environment, which represents a shared opportunity for both the talent and the marketplace. So, whats the problem? Next to... Read more

We’re hiring…

Marketing and Sales Rockstar We’re on the hunt for the next inhabitant of PlanetK2 and if you’re reading this then it might actually be you in which case, welcome. The PlanetK2 group includes a number of brands in close orbit in the shape of; Glow London, The Performance Room, and BelievePerform. ‘Performance’ is our gravity... Read more

PlanetK2 and Moment Company Partnership

PlanetK2, the world’s most accessible source of human performance expertise and Moment Company, creators of the products and experiences that support employee wellbeing, have today announced a partnership aimed at making moments of pause a consistent feature of high performance for people in the workplace who are serious about seeing how good they can be.... Read more

Building Connections

I caught up with a leader earlier this week. We started work together last September as part of a programme of work with the senior team they lead. The feedback they gave was reassuring “We think of you now as part of the team. You’re our coach.” You might well be justified in thinking, "Great,... Read more

High Performance Survival

It’s time to re-define success For as long as you can all remember, you’ve been showered with all manner of advice about the importance of focusing on success and believing in the power of positive thinking for a healthy mindset. Given our current circumstances, the myopic view of the world this approach presents to us... Read more

What if you just surrendered?

Being on a team can be hard. Being on a proper team is really hard, which is why most people have never had that experience. The real reason why it’s hard is seldom discussed and definitely isn’t solved by doing ridiculous team building activities. Otherwise all you’d have to do is fall backwards into each... Read more
high performance consultancy

Introducing our newest PlanetK2 coach

We are very proud and excited to share the news that we have a new associate, Sanani Mangisa, joining the team in our South African business unit. Sanani is a formidable performer having honed her skills in high performance environments on and off the sports field. A rising star in the business space with some... Read more

We didn’t come this far to only come this far

The Phoenix Effect: The triangle of fire required for organisations to revive and thrive after surviving Covid-19 Many organisations are still very much in the throes of doing the things they need to do to survive the Covid-19 crisis. At some point, and now may well be too soon for some, the focus will start... Read more

It’s about impact, not days

Traditional training models are being disrupted and that’s not all bad. Over the years we’ve had some great results with company training programmes that combine: Sharing of key performance concepts in an intense period with One to one coaching to help implement the learning in a very individualised way This training model and way of... Read more

Most people haven’t been on a proper team

Calling something high performance, doesn’t make it high performance. Being really clear on what you need Leaders say they want high performance teams however, “performance” is a word that’s widely misused and therefore widely misunderstood. People often label things “high performance” that aren’t and until there’s complete clarity over the definition, all that happens is... Read more