High performance survival lessons from a pineapple retailer

How mindset and response may once again be the best predictor of survival. Read more
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Change and uncertainty – your favourite conditions

Leaders. Now is the time. The people you have the privilege and responsibility of leading need you. This is a leadership moment like we haven’t seen in a long time. Rapid change, uncertainty where it’s all headed and when conditions will return to what we call normal. There’s lots of noise around causing stress, anxiety,... Read more
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Let’s get ready to perform

Dear South Africa. With the current goings-on we've decided to postpone this event. In the meantime you can continue to access us and all of our world class content on www.theperformanceroom.co.ukAs soon as the storm passes we'll set new dates. Keep in touch. When the demands are high, the conditions are tough and opportunity really... Read more

To perform in a world that’s speeding up, sometimes you need to slow down

The demands on leaders are never ending and for those who take their job as a leader seriously, it can feel like a massive responsibility. It’s a worthy burden, that gives a leader’s life meaning, though it’s still a burden. Sure, leaders get a lot of privileges. Greater control. Influence. The opportunity to shape the... Read more

Why your 2020 New Year Resolutions should be focused on failure

There's a better way to do January. A better way to set goals and steer your business in 2020. Embrace the elephant in the room - that failure is a crucial part of success. I’m not a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions, mainly because the last thing I feel like doing after a hard... Read more
Leading in times of uncertainty

Leading in times of uncertainty

The lack of resolution to Brexit, whatever your politics, has been causing huge interference for the UK as a whole. Coupled with the upcoming election, it's not just noisy out there, it's like a Christmas jumper with a light up Rudolph nose, in March...that still plays jingle bells incessantly. Even though the political machinery seems... Read more

Highlights from Performancefest Lounge 2019

What do an acclaimed dancer, an outstanding chef patron, a vital discovery scientist, and two exceptional defence lawyers/barristers have in common?  With all sharing a Healthy Obsession in their own high performance, we discovered, its quite a lot! If you’ve been following us on social media, you might have seen excited coverage of our inaugural... Read more

Performance & Motivation Masterclass

A one day, transformational Performance & Motivation Masterclass being led by PlanetK2 Performance Director Chris Shambrook. About this Event Hear about what make Olympians and other world class performers so good at what they doLearn how they control their emotions and mindset, manage their energy, prepare for success and exploit all of their talentSupported by... Read more
PerformanceFest Lounge 2019

PerformanceFest Lounge 2019

An acclaimed dancer, an outstanding chef patron, a vital discovery scientist and two exceptional defence lawyers all walk into a cinema… This, is going to be a unique event. All brought to you by Foundation SP, the people-centric technology and change specialists and creators of Pulse360 . For one balmy afternoon only, there's an exclusive... Read more

Sex, drugs and boxes…

A leader I work with recently told me a story about a conversation that took place while he was doing his MBA. The lecturer asked the students to come up with a creative question involving cardboard boxes (yes, I know). One particular student said he had one. “Go on” said the lecturer. “How many cardboard... Read more