A change in attitude?

So I’m sitting on the stationary bike doing a warm down session after a half marathon on Sunday. It’s a bike in a hotel gym though exactly the same make and model as the bike I use at my local gym. It’s only a warm down session so I’m not going crazy -even so I start to become a little disappointed at my speed. My cadence (rpm) seems to be fine and I feel like I’m working at the right level of exertion but I’m simply not going very fast.

I start to tell myself that I must be more tired from Sunday’s race than I thought I was – as I started to feel more disappointed still, I began to wonder if I should call it a day. Then I realised the problem. The bike at my local gym is calibrated in kilometres and this one’s in miles.
I notice a complete change in attitude. I become pleased with myself that I can do such a good job after Sunday’s race and notice that I feel strong. I begin to enjoy the session, I push myself harder and am a little sorry when it’s over.
I can’t believe my series of schoolboy errors:
1. Don’t assume because something looks the same, it is the same
2. Listen to how you’re feeling as well as the data – feelings are valid data too
3. When you reference your performance to an external source you can demotivate yourself superbly
Note to self – in tough times, remember that your personal qualities stay with you – and don’t change whether it’s miles, kilometres or anything else…