Athlete@work Programme – Double Gold

K2 have very a proud relationship with the Dame Kelly Holmes Legacy Trust, a charitable body set up to provide life chances to young people who haven’t had the same good fortune or opportunities as so many of us. Dame Kelly Holmes is a double Olympic gold medal winner from the Athens Olympics in 2004, in the 800m and 1500m, and she’s an inspiration to many, including us.

Together with Dame Kelly we’ve developed a Double Gold version of the our athlete@work programme. She’s done a lot more than put her name to it, helping us to develop new ideas, content and being very personally involved.

One of the things we’ve learned from Dame Kelly, who experienced many up and downs, setbacks and injuries on her way to success, is that finding out how good you can be, is not a pursuit of perfection but a pursuit of using 100% of what you have available.

That is, using all your knowledge, skills, mental strength, energy, support and tools to perform at peak moments and in a consistent, sustainable way. i.e. how well you know your challenges, know yourself, what you need to do to and doing it.