Attitudes are contagious…

Attitudes are contagious…. are yours worth catching? (Great line that we’ve seen attributed to Aussie cricket great, Steve Waugh, but I’m sure it came from somewhere else first!).

Actually, do you even know your attitudes? If you’re not fully aware of those attitudes, then you’re probably not realising how you’re infecting people around you! When the conditions around you are really tough, it’s absolutely essential that you know how you’re attitudes are impacting upon the people you interact with. Mindful use of attitudes is another one of those factors that won’t guarantee success, but it’s an area that you can control and to be honest, if you don’t, you’re missing an opportunity to make sure that you’ve done everything within your power to win through.

So, what kind of attitudes are helpful at the moment in your world? In leadership positions? In team player positions? Which kinds of attitudes create noise that you need to limit the impact of? Who are the great attitude leaders in your environment that you need to make sure get listened to and that you know you need to be around in order to benefit from their mindset?

Ask yourself if you can have the world’s best attitude for dealing with current challenges, just for one day. If you can, see how well you can implement that mindset for one day, and then set yourself the same challenge tomorrow!