Book reviews of our new book: Perform

We’ve had the first few online reviews come in for our recently published new book, Perform. Rather than leave them unappreciated by anyone other than us on the Amazon website here we thought we’d share them with you on this blog.

If you’re interested in buying a paperback, for £10, contact Kerry ay or for your kindle etc they’re less than half that price here

Book reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars

Which is better, results or performance? There’s only one way to find out.

6 Feb 2014

This is a great book which details the process used by world class athletes to focus on performance so that the results take care of themselves.

The first section focuses on how we focus on the wrong things, the underperformance trance. The second on the performance pie and the high performance mindset. The last helps you make the change and move to the light. It is the final section which is the one which provides the real benefit and stimulates the most thought. It’s practical without giving you all the answers which forces you to think about how it really applies to you. It has really helped me think about what values I need in my life to produce the performance I want to deliver.

As a book its one to read, digest, then read again to apply to the important things in your life be that work, sport or just life in general. It provides great insight into the importance of understanding why things happen so that performance can be repeated (and hopefully results) rather than relying upon luck. Its quite short, which is good as many similar books spend their time just repeating the one or two ideas they have and I didn’t get that here.

Overall, highly recommended reading.


5.0 out of 5 stars

A Gold Medal Performance

29 Jan 2014

If you ever wondered how gold medals can be won in the world of business this is the simple truth about how to focus on what really matters so those desired results just look after themselves.

Easy to read and digest, the thought provoking ideas in this book will guide you to a new outlook on how to really drive outstanding but also sustainable excellence and personal best performances out of yourself, your people and teams. I’ve seen the power of these techniques in action so thoroughly recommend them to anyone brave enough to think there just might be a more effective way of getting some gold medals in your trophy cabinet.


5.0 out of 5 stars

A brilliant guide – by superb performance coaches

21 Jan 2014

I have worked with the authors and the wider K2 team for a number of years in the corporate world. This book is a superb distillation of their highly successful approach to coaching both individuals and teams to deliver consistently high performance. It is written in a clear, humorous, engaging, and trustworthy style that perfectly reflects the coaching `voice’ of the authors in their work.

I highly recommend this book if you wish to sustainably raise your own performance capability and that of any team you lead. My own experiences confirm that choosing to apply the lessons it contains will transform your thinking and change forever how you go about your working life and your role as a leader.