Building a culture

Within and within our new book, Perform, there’s a wealth of information about how to show that you’re serious about building a culture that aspires to high performance.

Most of the ideas we have focus on changing the predominant conversations that take place within businesses and changing the way that all forms of communication demonstrate to people that you’re focused on being brilliant at doing the right things, not simply being obsessed with measuring outputs and rewarding based on results.

We saw today a really great article on the Harvard Business Review Blog that is right up our street. A simple, focused example of stopping the obsession with numbers and rewarding people in a way that actually damages motivation and performance, and one that promotes having performance focused conversations that add value to people’s view of themselves and the value they provide to their business.

We think you should have a read and ask yourself just how difficult it would be to implement a similar change in your business. Changing conversations is easy – all you need to do is change some of the rules of the game in the first place, so that people get to benefit from having helpful interactions, rather than conforming to business practices that, although well intended in their design, are utterly useless for building a culture that exudes it’s value of people and their motivation.

What’s stopping you changing?