Building confidence is invaluable

Typically when we ask people how important confidence is for their job, they report something like a 9/10 or a 10/10. When we ask them therefore how frequently they work on making sure this thing that is so important is fully working for them, they tell us that they don’t, or they only work on building confidence when it’s dipped or disappeared altogether.

Somehow, the logic of this doesn’t add up: people know confidence is important to their success, but they don’t behave in a way that shows it’s important. Perhaps it’s a sign of weakness to work on your confidence? Although how working on building confidence when it will make you perform better could be seen as sign of weakness is beyond us!!

Anyway, how important is confidence to your success and how frequently/systematically do you work on your confidence to ensure that it’s always as high and robust as possible for you?

What have you achieved this week that you should be parking in your confidence bank to ensure that you cash in on your successes?