Thinking like a coach

and we mean a coach like the athletes we work with. With such a coach, they would be observing your performances and preparation and giving you feedback both during and after your moments of engagement. They’d be reinforcing good stuff, pointing out things to check, highlighting problems to work on and generally being supportive.

So… if you had one of these coaches with you throughout your working day, what would you want them to focus on? How would you make sure you benefited from having someone there to be your constant set of performance eyes and ears? It’s worth spending a few minutes thinking this through and then working out how you can get these same benefits by becoming more aware of yourself as a performer and “watching” yourself while you perform and prepare and then asking yourself some tough questions at appropriate moments through the day.

The constant support of someone who’s job it is to make you better would be a great thing to have… and in lieu of getting Sir Alex to come in and work for you, you’d better think about whether you’re coaching yourself in the best way possible! What are you going to teach yourself today?