Confidence and Building Momentum

Having watched both of the rugby world cup quarter finals earlier today, between Wales & Ireland and then England & France (my wife’s away for the weekend) I was struck by how close all four teams are in terms of personnel, talent, ability, fitness etc and wondered what made the difference so that Wales and France triumphed.

There are clearly many factors, and the margins were tight, though France were well on top of England for most of the game, but confidence and particularly the confidence that comes from building momentum, was a factor I’m sure. The Welsh seemed to take confidence from earlier victories, and the French from taking the lead and building momentum in the first half.

Given how competitive business can be, how aware are you of psychological momentum and the effect it can have on confidence? Are you able to spot the results, events and moments that you can use to your advantage in building momentum for yourself and those around you, and derive the maximum future advantage from what is happening now or has happened in the past?