Debunk the bad science

We’d highly recommend visiting to help you debunk the bad science and much of the nonsense that gets published about what might or might not be good for you. It’s clear from a lot of the trash newspaper articles that Ben Goldacre takes to task, that the common theme stems from lazy journalists or out and out charlatans trying to convince people that they have uncovered something amazing that will change everyone’s lives.

If you adopt a high performance mindset a lot of the Daily Mail bunkum, detox nonsense, and medical misinformation is rendered instantly redundant. The high performers we know ALWAYS take complete responsibility for their performance and they know that there are no short cuts to success – they have to work hard and follow basic mental and physical rules to keep in the best shape possible to perform. They also know their minds and bodies very well (great self-awareness) and realise that no magic potions can remove toxins (especially one’s that aren’t in the body in the first place!), and no superfoods exist that will suddenly change their lives. In short, they don’t look for answers that are outside of their control, but they look to take action that is proven and totally down to how tenaciously they stick with their rules for winning – they are able to debunk the bad science.

At a time of year when you’re looking for performance gains and a renewed resilience, look no further than the simple principles of eating a balanced diet, burning off as many calories as you put in (or slightly more if you want to lose weight!), understanding your strengths and knowing where and when to apply them, and staying focused on great mental and physical preparation one day at a time.

Thank you Dr Goldacre for promoting good science and high performance thinking!