An Exercise in Disciplined performance

Here’s a simple exercise regarding disciplined performance that we ask you to carry out with any teams you work as part of next week. Very simply ask each member of the team to identify and share:

1) 3 core strengths that they bring to the team that they should be held accountable for leading with and making an impact with.
2) 3 areas of performance that they are working on that will bring even more value to their role on the team when they develop these areas.
3) 3 things that everybody else on the team can do for them to provide them with maximum support/challenge in their role.

Collate everybody’s answers and use the output to keep focused on making sure everyone is maximising their performance for the team. The document will really help you maximise accountability for team performance, especially if you commit to using it to plan and review how the team is doing on a regular basis. Disciplined performance is key.