Elite Performance in action…

What a stunning performance from Team GB Cycling yesterday at the World Championships in the mens road race. The entire team effort (3 years in the planning) was executed with a superb collective commitment to a plan and some individual brilliance by all of the team members to ensure the best chances of success were achieved.

If you get chance, watch the last 15km of the race and you’ll get a complete feel for this consummate team effort. Mark Cavendish may have held his nerve to deliver a superb sprint finish to capture the title of World Champion, but every other member of the eight man team played their part and Mark Cavendish was very eager to stress this after the race. The foundations of success were there for all to see; total role clarity and role commitment, shared passion for achieving the collective goal, superb trust in self and others, and a real sense that success could only come from being a true team.

Have a look at those ingredients and see how well the teams that you are part of are performing. Which of the ingredients are you storming ahead on? Which ingredients are you taking for granted and which ingredients are being missed altogether? When you see them all working superbly together, as they did yesterday, then you really appreciate how important they all are and that elite performance should never be taken for granted!