Feel good factor?

So much of great performance is about feeling right. Feeling prepared can really help confidence and performance for many people. How much were the results of a home Olympic Games for GB athletes due to a feel good factor and home crowds and how much was that the opportunity of a home games meant that they were actually better prepared than ever before? Many of the cyclists referred to having done all the prep and now just having to deliver (and trusting the prep).

Often in business having that sense of complete preparedness is viewed as a luxury, which means talent is not always fulfilled and there’s a relative over reliance on “winging it”. Alternatively people accept that their performance will be less than perfect and settle for just that.

It seems that the most commonly used word in business at the moment, when people are asked how they’re doing is “busy”. Just make sure that you’re not too busy to bet the basics right. Remember performance, based on preparation, is a choice.