Fine margins

This weekend’s rugby union’s six nations championships demonstrated again what a close tournament this is and the fine margins between success and failure. Going into each game any result is possible, and whilst the final scoreline could be close or not so close, the decisive moments and small swings in momentum are a reflection of the tightness of the teams and the expert way in which they prepare. Listening to the Scotland coach Andy Robinson after three successive defeats, he was left to reflect on three magnificent performances but not quite the right result each time.

Interesting to hear too how his team had gone into their game on Sunday against the French totally believing in their ability to win, despite two previous losses. Their belief probably came from a number of sources. We’re curious about how many corporate/business/team goals, projects and performances begin with a confirmation of everyone’s total belief that they can deliver a performance and succeed in their aims. Or not.

And one thing the Scotland example proves is that belief alone doesn’t count for everything. It can’t make you win. But, like confidence, it certainly helps. So how good is your self-belief and how much do your belief in and trust your programme, your leaders, your team mates and yourself? And if you don’t, or can’t, then that’s probably a good place to start. Bringing 100% of what you have to your work is a real performance skill, whether it be your knowledge, your talent, your energy, or your belief.