Focus on your talent

When we’re in circumstances that look and feel totally foreign, we can often conclude that we don’t have appropriate skills to deal with what we’re facing. That conclusion comes from seeing the situation as unique, unexpected, threatening and thereby difficult to achieve. In these instances we need to shift gear and focus on your talent.

If you’re aware of, and focus on all of your talents, that have led you to be successful (both contemporarily and historically), then you can start asking yourself some useful questions in relation to what your recipe for success has been, such as:

  • What talents do I have that consistently help me deliver success? Which bits of me always play a part in the successes I have? (because no doubt I should be leading with these strenghts now)
  • What successes have I achieved in the past, in different roles or circumstances, that used some talents that I’ve stopped using more recently? (can you bring these “forgotten” talents to life to help now?)
  • Rather than just thinking about your “technical” talents in your job, which bits of your personality are going to be particularly helpful right now when dealing with novel challenges?

If you focus on your talent pool and identify/target your talents appropriately, you’ll find your confidence levels are likely to be higher.