Get better train

So, #getbettertrain is going to be our hashtag for the next little while on twitter. It’s a simple concept and one that really fits quite nicely with everything we do at K2. Here’s some thoughts to help bring #getbettertrain to life a little more and also some ideas about how you can get involved too…

#getbettertrain is the key to finding out how good you can be. Having a desire to improve and being able to focus that desire onto the right thing at the right time is a hallmark of great performers and teams. Training systematically on different kinds of things is really important for making sure you get better and stay at the top of your game. You might choose to train some things you’re already really good at to see how much better or consistent you can make those skills. You might choose to train up a new skill that’s needed to help keep you relevant in your current performance environment. You might choose to train an area that has been dormant for a while so that you bring all of your skills up to date, and you might just choose to train something that you’re not good enough at that you need to be good at in order to thrive in the face of your current challenges. Whichever focus you take, or whichever combination you work with, the important thing with the #getbettertrain concept is that you’re dedicating specific time to rehearsing those areas of performance that you know are important to you over the coming weeks and months.

You’re not just spending time training for the sake of it. You’re investing energy, curiosity and passion into the right areas of your performance that you know will deliver a return on that investment. You’re engaging other people in the process of the training so that they can support and challenge you along the way. Everything you’re doing is designed to help you deliver more of your best performances, more of the time and hopefully with less effort and much greater confidence.

Everything about becoming a consistent, high level performer who fulfils their potential is focused on the original objective of constantly being better – this just means a little better, building up capacity and capability. It doesn’t mean expecting yourself to blow previous performances away every day. Little by little, focused effort after focused effort, your confidence and ability improve. The intent begins the process and act of training or deliberate practice exploits the intent. Getting a little worse or a little self-conscious first is a likely result of practice. However, the improvement comes with the consistent commitment to the practice. So, where do you want to get better? By when? What does this actually mean you need to practice?

We love helping people focus their desire to improve and everything about #getbettertrain means that if you partner with us, you’ll have access to our human performance expertise and wide-ranging experience to help you find out how good you can be.

So, if you’re at any of our events over the coming weeks, please feel free to tweet away and use the hashtag as much as you feel relevant.

If you’re working on something with any partner to help you get better, use the hashtag to let us know about all of the things people are involved in to help improve performance. If you experience some successes in your performance improvement efforts, then tweet away, share it with the world, show off a little and… use the hashtag!

If you want to ask us some questions about things you can do to make the forward steps you’re looking to, then use the hashtag, ask the question and we’ll see how helpful we can be in 140 characters or less.

#getbettertrain is a constant focus for us, so get involved and see if it can be of help to you to!