Heal thyself – how to review your performance

We got some bad news today that we didn’t win a piece of work that we were excited about the possibility of delivering. Therefore, we now quickly swing into taking our own medicine! (or see how well we can take it, as it’s always easier to advise others than it is to take the action yourselves!)

1. Review the performance quickly, effectively and move on… just as we would if we’d been successful. Don’t forget to review all the performance – preparation as well as actual delivery of the pitch.

2. Identify simple learnings for future performances and make sure we build from the experience.

3. It’s not a competition to show how disappointed we are for as long as possible, so get back on track with the next challenge that was already in front of us…(although indulge in some appropriate sighing/sobbing/swearing for just long enough!)

4. Don’t let a negative result let us lose sight of the strengths we still have that will form the confidence foundation for a next big day which is just around the corner!