Just for today…

If the kind of objective feedback that you’re used to has gone awol, it can be pretty difficult to judge yourself in the way that you’re used to. This is a bit like when the sports people we work with have to perform in very different weather conditions – the way they or the equipment responds is very different, so objective feedback soon becomes misleading.

When the hard data is untrustworthy, you have to be great at trusting how you’re feeling during the key performance moments. You also have to trust that you’re thinking the right things and doing the right things. You have to build a new, more sensitive portfolio of performance markers, rather than rely on an outdated database of past successes.

So, we’d suggest, if the objective feedback has gone, just for today, you’re going to have to focus in on preparing much more thoroughly around the discrete ingredients that produce a great performance. Just for today, work out the contents of your performance script and challenge yourself to deliver the performance, one step at a time, and hold yourself accountable for delivering each step as well as you possibly can. Stay in the moment, focus on step by step excellence and see what it produces. And if the objective feedback is still untrustworthy tomorrow, just for today starts all over again.