High value meetings

Next time you have a meeting, work out the per minute salary of everyone in the room and get a feel for how much every minute is “costing” you… as soon as the meeting starts, begin an imaginary counter that is providing an ongoing feedback of money invested in the meeting so far.

As you go through the meeting, keep checking whether you’re getting the same amount of value out of the meeting as you are investing cost in the meeting. What needs to happen to maximise the sense of value for everyone in the room? How do agenda items need to be addressed? What do you expect of everyone in terms of their contribution to ensure that they are playing their part in the value equation? How do you ensure that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts in terms of cost/value?

We see many examples of gathering people together to go through information that they are quite capable of reading on their own, and the presence of lots of other people while the information is being digested does little to add to the experience – in fact it often makes the whole absorption process slower. Just one example of when meeting value is low. Get your recipe for high value meetings and commit to becoming superbly consistent at delivering that recipe.