Movember Motivation


Some of you may be aware of Movember, the men’s health charity that encourages people (men, we think) to grow moustaches through November and be sponsored for doing so.

We wondered what it would be like if Movember was also all about motivation at work – not in a party way, with cakes and superficial initiatives –  but in a way where everyone seeks to understand motivation (their own and others in their team) and there’s a collective effort to work on it and keep it high.

Of course we’re not suggesting that you aren’t serious about performance, and that you only think about motivation in November. We imagine that if you’re serious about performance then you’ll be thinking about motivation frequently, all year round, and how you can maintain and build your own motivation whilst positively influencing others.

You could focus on how you can get more confident, and help others to be more confident in your team. You could focus on things where you have choices to make and focus on making good choices. Also you could focus on connecting with your team mates around mutual goals and the contributions you’re making.

If you took your “motivation temperature” today and again at the end of November, how high could you get it, and then how consistently could you sustain it through December, and beyond into the New Year… It’s such a precious resource for you and your team, so don’t let it be left to chance.