You’re only as good as your next performance

You’re only as good as your next performance …and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.

The popular myth that you’re only as good as your last result is frankly a load of self-limiting, result obsessed nonsense.

If you believe that you’re only as good as your last result, then instantly you define yourself by an outcome and you miss all of the precious knowledge to be gained from assessing the quality of the performance that led to that results.

Only being as good as your last result doesn’t take into account how good the opposition was and how well you may have played to push them to their limits before they finally got across the line.

A result defined you hands your confidence over totally to outcome and misses the chance for you to build confidence through the successful execution of every action you took that you’d intended to.

Choosing to hand your identity over to a result keeps you stuck in the past and biases your drive towards erasing something that is consigned to history, rather than using a curiosity about how good you can be in the future to inspire efforts to set new performance standards next time around.

Buying into the myth of the last result defining your career just means you’re choosing to become another statistic in the ever growing number of people who don’t fulfil their potential, who become ever more risk averse and held down by a fear of failureā€¦

For a small percentage, this way of thinking may be the route to higher performance because of a very particular personality that responds positively to all of these typically unhelpful characteristics.

If you like to think you’re part of this select minority, then crack on with your particularly perverse recipe for success.

Chances are you’re in the majority who need to choose a different belief if you’re really going to find out just how good you can be with the talent, knowledge and skill in your possession right now.

So, what are you only as good as?