We’re celebrating performance obsession with our latest hashtag – #performancegeek

Geekery is all about an unusual devotion to something, so it seems if you’re going to be a geek it’s a great idea to have that devotion focused on something that’s going to be really beneficial. Therefore, we’re on a bit of a mission to see who else is going to join us in the quest to become performance geeks.

So, if you want to be a performance geek, what will it entail? Well, we’d like to think that you’d embrace the opportunity to promote the accurate use of the word performance whenever you get the chance to. At work, whenever someone uses the word performance, being a geek, you’ll double check with them that they’re using the word correctly, rather than just lazily using the word when they are actually just referring to results. To further cement your performance geek status, you’ll use this as an opportunity to remind everyone that performance simply means “doing the things you need to do to get the things you want” and that no doubt having a joined up conversation about both the inputs and desired outputs would be really helpful! If you get strange looks at this point, award yourself some high scoring geek points – you’ve shown the required pedantry around the performance word to move into geek territory!

Further performance geek points will be awarded if you’re sharing with people your performance plans – outline your commitments for the week that will focus on HOW you’re going to be performing. Furthermore, share with people your performance reflections that show you’re thinking around what actions you took recently that helped you deliver a result. Take great delight in sharing these geeky observations of the key details that make up your current performance recipe.

If you can be very specific within your sharing of your recipe, then all the better. This means you might even draw a picture of your performance pie, filling in the ingredients for each of the 6 sections. If you’re lucky enough to have one of our 3D Performance Pies, then you might even use this excellent prop to help bring the thoroughness of your performance readiness recipe to life. You’re really moving into true performance geek territory now with this devotion to the key performance concepts!

For a very high geek points score, contact your line manager and schedule a performance review and preview. Send them through the agenda that you’ll be going through with them. This agenda will be full of the stuff you want to go through that will mean you and your line manager will get the chance to be 100% on the same page about how you’re strengthening your performance. Don’t forget to tell them the role you want them to play in the meeting and definitely don’t worry if your annual review isn’t due yet! You’re a performance geek, so performance is always on your agenda and not just when the company calendar finally determines it’s time to talk about this essential ingredient for having an excellent business. Ask your line manager to prepare for the meeting so that they bring a very clear view of how they’re going to play a coaching role for you in the session. Also so they ┬ácan pass on their view of how well you’re using all of your performance ingredients right now. That is proper geekery!

There’s loads more we could write in detail about on the topic of performance geekery (obviously!) but instead of that, join us on twitter and share with us your views of what it takes to be a #performancegeek and the geeky things you’ve been up to!